‘Glow is the essence of beauty’, Estee Lauder

‘Glow is the essence of beauty’, Estee Lauder

So last year I was going to a cousins wedding and I brought an amazing dress, but as I’m not very good when it comes to make up I decided I wanted a makeover professionally. However I didn’t want to pay an absolute fortune. So after some research I found out that some beauty counters will give you a make over as long as you purchase a product. I rang around a few but most couldn’t get me in. I then tried Estee Lauder who gave me an appointment.

On the morning of my appointment I washed my face but didn’t use any other products so that the make up artist had a fresh base to start on. I asked for a neutral look but with a bright lipstick to enhance the overall finish.

Here are the products used below and in the order they were used…

1. Serum- Advanced Night Repair

2. Day wear anti oxidant 72 hour- Hydration Sorbet Creme

3. Revitalizing supreme + Global Anti- Aging Wake Up Balm

4.Foundation- Double wear- Pebble 3c2

5. Concealer- Radiant 2N

6. Double wear pressed powder- Ivory beige

7. Blush- Sensuous Rose

8. Brow tint- Light brunette

9. Eyeshadow- Rosy nudes

10. Lashes- Sumptuous rebel

11. Lips –Lip repair potion and Lipstick- Defiant Coral

All of the products were amazing, and I use Estee Lauder foundation anyway. I wanted all of the products actually as my skin looked glowing and the overall finishing look was natural. I was very pleased with the look and the make up stayed in place all day and night. I decided to purchase the lipstick and it is now one of my faves!

My best advice following this makeover is that Estee Lauder is good for a natural look, but not for going out/party make up. I still loved my make up and even booked a follow up facial and makeover on my birthday weekend.

Contact your local beauty counters and find out what they offer, Dior, No7, Clinique and mac will definitely give you a makeover and will charge more depending on what look you go for, but you redeem a product of your choice at the end. Some counters often do make up tutorials and will recommend products based on your skin type and will suggest colour palettes which will suit you.

Go and get a makeover ladies, you deserve it!!

Love Kirst xx

‘A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself’. Josh Billings

‘A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself’. Josh Billings



This year I wanted to complete a good deed, deciding what to do wasn’t easy. Firstly I wanted to give blood but left it to late to book, added to that was the issue that last time I gave blood I couldn’t give enough and was 80mls from reaching the full amount. So I would rather wait till the new year and do better preparation in advance. Eventually I decided to contact various dog rescue centres to offer to walk some of the dogs. Some rescue centres prefer only their own trained volunteers but I found one local to me who are happy for help to walk their dogs.

I also chose to take some goodies with me and began to buy: dog food, blankets, treats and toys. My sister then decided she wished to come with me and also began to buy various items. My nan brought a big bag of dog food and my dad found some clean, old towels to donate. Rescue centres are more than happy to receive towels, pillows, quilts and blankets all of which help to keep the dogs warm. Me and my sister got our wellies and off we went, on arrival we were informed that we could walk one dog as there were work experience students present. This is when we were given a German shepherd cross called Grut. He was a lovely dog, although very lively we managed to walk him a little bit while giving him lots of fuss. Me and my sister took turns in holding him on the lead. We then walked him back to the centre as he appeared to want to head in that direction anyway!!


We then spent time walking around and looking at the other dogs. I was then quite sad to learn that Grut had been rehomed but this hadn’t worked out so his owners returned him to the centre. I met the three dogs shown above, one of which was being rehomed on 21st December, I also met a blind dog called Sheila who requires an operation to have an eye removed, I was pleased to learn that the centre have raised enough money to fund her operation and on the same day also found her forever home!! She will only be able to go home with her new family once her surgery is completed. I met the puppies below who are 8 weeks old and are siblings, they truly melted my heart but there is no way I could have them due to my working hours/studying.

The centre were very grateful for the items we donated and as Christmas wishes were passed among me, my sister and the volunteers, I felt very uplifted and pleased that I had visited and completed a good deed. I also aim to return in the new year to walk a dog and perhaps donate more things. I love dogs and this experience gave me feelings of hope and warmth, knowing that I had helped even in the smallest way. I also urge people who want a dog to visit these centres and rescue a dog who deserves a loving home!!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my good deed, and have a great Christmas!!

Love Kirst xx





That feeling… when the Christmas tree lights are the only lights in the room..

That feeling… when the Christmas tree lights are the only lights in the room..


An update on Kirstythought

Well the last few months of this year have been so busy!! I have been adjusting to life as a student again, sorting out various bits of paperwork for my house move and of course Christmas shopping. I broke up from University relatively early on 13th December, this is something I’m not used to as being a student nurse then working as a newly qualified nurse means working lots of shifts over Christmas or having to write lots of essays. Me and other health visiting students wore Christmas jumpers on our last day and all brought in food for a buffet, this was the first event that helped me get in the Christmas spirit!!

The first night after breaking up I drank some wine, Painted my nails and read a book, it was sheer bliss. In this first week off I have accomplished quite a lot, I’ve completed my Christmas shopping, wrapped all the gifts and even managed to squeeze in time to get my nails and hair done. Initially I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas for many reasons one of which includes my diagnosis of s.a.d. I hate the dark and I dislike the cold winter months, my urge to stay in bed just grew stronger everyday. However I knew I had to get out and keep busy. In order to do this I went shopping for gifts, I arranged to see different family members each week and would pop out with my Mum. Gradually I have begun to feel better.. I attended my works Christmas afternoon tea and even attended a Christmas wreath making session! This helped me to get in the mood for Christmas and although I was nervous before the start of the session, I was quite impressed with the ending result (see below). I enjoy being creative but have never been very good at making anything aside from a mess. Although my completed wreath was very basic, I would 100% try again next year to create one a bit more exciting. My partner has hung it from his front door and I am quite proud of it! Also it smells lush as all items used were natural (aside from the bow). I do have to add that this session was put on to raise money for a charity which supports parents who’s children have passed away by creating memory boxes for parents to keep and remember their child. I felt proud to have supported this charity while being able to be creative, knowing that my £35 has helped a child’s memory live on..



Following the wreath making session I begged my partner to get the tree out, he needed some persuasion and I do understand his logic as we could be moving very soon and the last thing he wanted to do would be to take the tree down, while packing the rest of his house. However I got my way by merely stating ‘well its going to be our last Christmas in this house’. That was it, he was straight up into the loft, got all the boxes down and I began to decorate the tree and the living room, cleaning as I moved ornaments around. My partner then went to the gym and when he came back he was actually delighted with my efforts! We switched on the lights and snuggled up on the sofa, and for the first time in ages I felt content again and back to my usual self. I also felt a sense of warmth and delight as we sat with just the Christmas lights glowing in the distance 🙂

Christmas can be a hard time for people who struggle with their mental health, with the added pressure of buying the ideal gifts and having to socialise more than usual, it comes as no surprise that some of us dread this season.

Here are a few tips to try and get us all through these mad few days!!

  • Plan ahead- write down your current or previously used coping strategies and keep this list with you.
  • If you really don’t want to go somewhere, then don’t go, you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone, if they care about you they will understand.
  • Take time out, have a nap or a hot bath to relax and unwind.
  • Plan something to do after Christmas, whether this is a catch up with friends or a trip to the cinemas, this will keep you busy while also distracting you from the chaos surrounding this time of year.
  • If you want to be alone for a short time this is also acceptable and will give you time to reflect and think about all the fun memories made.
  • Stay active, even if this means going for a short 15 minute walk, take in the sights you see and appreciate the fresh air.
  •  Embrace the feeling of Christmas and the closeness it brings.

And last of all Try to enjoy yourself!! Dance, sing and be merry you deserve it!!

If anyone else wishes to add any tips below I would be very grateful for the suggestions..

Love Kirsty xx




‘Overnight successes are generally years in the making. And most progress is made in isolation, far from the public eye’.Andrew Yang

‘Overnight successes are generally years in the making. And most progress is made in isolation, far from the public eye’.Andrew Yang

This has been a very strange year hasn’t it? I started the year moving house which was a very busy time, and moving house while being at Uni sent tensions through the roof. Then this pandemic came and really changed our lives!! I was at work when I heard about the Coronavirus and didn’t think much of it initially. Then the virus became worse, I noticed changes within the NHS that were happening fast. Having friends who work in the sector I have heard about the numerous people who have been infected and have lost their lives. As a student health visitor I knew what was coming, firstly we were told that University was closing, then we were told not to attend placement anymore (last Tuesday), then came the email which confirmed my course has been suspended for a while and I will be redeployed to help this pandemic. Although I knew it was coming, I still felt anxious and sick, But also I felt a sense of purpose that I could now help. Since last week I hadn’t heard where I will be deployed to or even when. I have just found out that I will be deployed but I still have my Easter annual leave which starts next week for 2 weeks, in a way I hoped to be deployed sooner, but the trust are gradually deploying staff each week. So it appears that I won’t be deployed now until after this Easter break. I still aim to complete some University work but I want to try and do extra shifts somewhere to get used to the ward environment again.
It is a sad time we are currently living in, but we need to do all we can to keep busy and healthy. The general mental health of the population following this outbreak worries me. I have read reports of domestic abuse cases rising, children going hungry and people turning to crime. But rather than dwell on this I believe we should pull the positives from it. The tips I will share today will help you to keep busy, active and most of all keep your mind focused.

Here is my list:

  1. Each evening write a few things you wish to complete the following day- Me and my partner have been doing this and it helps to establish some routine.
  2. Pick a cupboard or drawer to sort out each day, throw things away or make a pile for the charity shop, clean the area and place things back in a neat fashion. You will feel a sense of achievement after doing this, plus by the end of this isolation your whole house will be organised!!
  3. I say this and I know its hard but only watch the news at chosen times, It has been driving me mad hearing about deaths and how many new cases. But I have relatives very high up the NHS and they have told me the news/media are not reporting the amount of people who are recovering, which is actually more of a positive for us. I tend to watch the news for an hour in the morning that’s it.. it sounds regimental but I see it this way.. the news will always be there, you will know if there is breaking news so don’t sweat about missing out on something.
  4. Have time for yourself, I know its easy for me to say as I don’t have children. But try to relax or read while they are in bed, or even have an early night yourself!!
  5. Burn a new wax melt or candle… I have changed mine constantly while I have been off.. your house will smell amazing and the different scents can trigger nice memories from holidays etc.
  6. Listen to music, this will relax you or make you smile or even dance!!
  7. Be creative, I purchased a few bits from hobby craft when I first moved, just a few things to paint for my dressing room, plus I love finding clever ways to store items in e.g. hair grips, hair elastics.. I will showcase my work on here upon completion, and bare with me I am no Van gough, (laughs).
  8. Watch a film with your significant other, this can be a distraction for a while.
  9. Exercise!! I won’t bore you about this but even a small walk and fresh air can help your mind. Me and my partner have been working out together which although he chooses hard workouts, its also a very amusing experience from me. (and mostly ends with me lying on the floor saying I’m just doing breathing exercises).
  10. Clean- And I don’t mean everyday although I have been, I mean clean something that you haven’t cleaned in a while for example I am doing the front door and garage door today (Random I know).
  11. Cook!! I hate cooking I really do.. you spend ages creating something delicious and for what.. for it to disappear in 2 minutes. However I have now become savvy with cooking. I make too much on purpose now, I then store it into containers and refrigerate for another day. A perfect example of this is beef and ale stew, I made this on Sunday kept it cooking for 4 hours and it was delicious, I know have some for today’s lunch. This brings me nicely on to…
  12. Snacking- I have been a nightmare, I was eating for the sake of it.. But again I have become savvy. I cut up carrots and peppers now and snack on these through out the day with a nice hummus. Yes I still eat crisps and chocolate I am human after all!!
  13. Help a local food bank even if its just one item, on my estate someone posted into the facebook group about collecting for the food bank, I was overwhelmed when I saw how much people had donated. And I took a bag round myself containing a few tins and essentials.
  14. Get out the photo albums with your family and have a look through them. Me and my family have been sending pictures and memes everyday making each other laugh!! Also create your own scrapbook of pictures and memories, I ordered 45 prints yesterday from snapfish for just £2.59!!
  15. And lastly.. facetime or call people in your family so you are talking to different people and remember we don’t realise how many people are alone at this time.

Please share your idea’s below for getting through this terrible time, I am open to more suggestions!!

Stay safe

Love kirsty xx

~Be Kind~

~Be Kind~

Unfortunately on Saturday 15th February we heard the news of Caroline Flack passing away. Personally I was shocked when I heard this and turned on the news immediately. Caroline was the host of love island and was also known for various other TV work. However it was her personal and private life which attracted scrutiny from the media. Back in December Caroline was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend Lewis Burton, he wanted charges to be dropped but it was confirmed on February 14th that the trial would go ahead. Even before this incident she was subject to trolling and having her private life closely watched by media. This incident appeared to have attracted more media attention and she was hounded constantly by the press. With regard to the incident no one knows what happened that night apart from the two people involved, therefore it isn’t of interest of the public to comment on the incident.

Following her death, the public should instead speak up about the fact that the media sell stories, which can be nasty and unforgiving. The same newspapers that were hounding Caroline have since became the ones writing various tributes, this disgusts me as this was a woman’s life played about by media to attract a sale. I have followed the aftermath of Caroline’s passing and observed kind words from celebrities and her close friends, all of which reduced me to tears. The tribute played on love island Monday night was very heartfelt with Ian Stirling describing Caroline as having a ‘warmth and infectious enthusiasm which were crucial to the shows success’. Other touching tributes were heard by Laura Whitemore who broke down as she spoke about Caroline and a tribute from Jack Whitehall which was followed by a song by Lewis Capaldi. In spite of all her success, her fun and loving nature, the star could no longer cope with the constant scrutiny.

I now believe that we should all look at the way we access stories, social media and buy newspapers, because without our constant clicking and purchases, the media would struggle to make a sale. As a result they may change the direction in which they obtain and write stories. So instead of directly blaming various sources, we should sit back and analyse how we obtain sources of media and control what we publish on social media in order to stop this trolling and bullying. It saddens me that someone who was so joyful and successful made this decision to end her life, as she felt it was the only way out.


I do hope we can learn from this tragedy, and I hope Caroline can now rest in peace and that her family and friends can grieve in private.

Be kind

Love Kirsty xxx

Please find listed below a number of support mechanisms to obtain in your hour of need:

SANEline on 0300 304 7000 (4.30pm–10.30pm every day).

To talk about anything that is upsetting you, you can contact Samaritans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call 116 123 (free from any phone), email jo@samaritans.org or visit some branches in person. You can also call the Welsh Language Line on 0300 123 3011 (7pm–11pm every day).

If you’re under 35 and struggling with suicidal feelings, or concerned about a young person who might be struggling, you can call Papyrus HOPELINEUK on 0800 068 4141 (weekdays 10am-10pm, weekends 2pm-10pm and bank holidays 2pm–10pm), email pat@papyrus-uk.org or text 07786 209 697.

Mind.org.uk Infoline: 0300 123 3393 Email: info@mind.org.uk Text: 86463
Our Infoline provides an information and signposting service. We’re open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (except for bank holidays).



Although I’m a day late, yesterday was Time to talk Day 2020. This was led by Mind and Rethink mental illness who form the campaign (time to change), with the purpose of encouraging people to have a conversation about mental health, whether that be messaging a friend, chatting to a colleague or organising an event. I’m saddened to say that I didn’t know about this day at all until I went to university yesterday, at which point it was clearly to late to plan anything. I also read a blog post last night about time to talk, which gave me a better insight. I always thought days like this were publicised more, I didn’t see anything on social media or the news.

One statistic implies that 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem in any given year. Although this statistic is shocking, the harsh reality is even worse. And by that I’m referring to attitudes, which tend to form discrimination. Discrimination I believe can be direct or in direct, for example a joke made by someone, can be taken quite literally or personally (even though that wasn’t the intention). Or discrimination can be direct in that it causes the sufferer to feel even worse. This includes: being called names, having their illness dismissed or losing contact with family or friends. If more awareness occurs then attitudes will hopefully change, therefore creating more positive behaviour from the public as a whole, in relation to mental health.

You can visit the following website for more information, posters, quizzes and games: https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/

The above website is a useful tool in creating awareness, and next year I hope to be able to participate in some way, whether this is in my professional field of work or in my own time.

I think #Timetotalk is important to consider not just on set dates but every day. If people become more educated on this topic, I believe there will be a reduction in discrimination. So I urge you, visit the website pick up tips on how to start a conversation with someone… then do it!! Be kind, reach out.

Love Kirsty xx

And then the humidity said ‘today I’ll make you look like the lion king’.

And then the humidity said ‘today I’ll make you look like the lion king’.


hair 2

So I haven’t done a beauty review in a while and I think its time!! Now as you may know I love trying new hair products but I’m mindful of the condition of my hair as it is coloured and naturally curly. The 4 products you can see above are my current favourites..


Schwarzkopf Gliss- Leave in conditioner

This leave in conditioner can be sprayed onto towel dried hair, its smells amazing and leaves your hair shiny and soft. It contains Keratin which helps repair damaged hair.


Garnier Ultimate Blends- Conditioning mask

This fantastic mask has three uses- you can leave it on after washing hair with no need to rinse, you can use it on dry hair to tame or smooth the ends, or my favourite use is as a conditioning mask which I tend to leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse it off with colder water to leave your hair shiny. It smells of coconut and your hair smells lush all day! One more tip I do with all my conditioning masks is to take a small amount pop it into a small spray bottle, add water, shake it, then use it on holiday to protect your hair from sun damage.


Schwarzkopf mad about curls- Quencher Oil Milk

This product is for all curly haired types, it can be sprayed on wet washed hair before styling, on dry hair to refreshen or even the next day to reshape your curls. The oil milk gives curls defiition that lasts all days, even during different conditions, e.g. hot temperatures.


Redken Pillow proof blowdry- express treatment primer

This product doesn’t smell that great compared to other products I use, However this primer treatment aims to reduce drying time. This is a massive must for me as my hair takes ages to blow dry properly and I rate this product, as it does reduce blow drying time and also leaves your hair smooth in preparation for further styling e.g. straightening hair. It also has added heat protection which is also ideal when blow drying and straightening. Best applied on damp hair, and also comb it through!

If you have anymore products you can suggest for curly hair please add them in the comments section.

Love Always

Kirst xx




I am so tired, even my tiredness is tired…

I am so tired, even my tiredness is tired…


The above picture was taken Christmas eve last year.. At the time I was happy, excited and felt proud of my achievements. However this has changed in recent weeks, I went back to placement in Jan to find my mentor had gone off sick (which can not be helped). I was then left in the office many times just doing work, only a few staff members offered to take me on visits. I helped in clinics, but this wasn’t anything new that I needed to learn. I got tired of sitting around feeling useless, I then became ill with a cold, cough and sore throat. To add to this I was then told me and my partner would receive the keys to our new house (last week). By which point my voice had completely gone and tissues were flying everywhere. My manager saw me a week ago and said ‘go home after this meeting’… But did I no, I went back to the office only to sit there for another 3 hours as three staff members were off. I had Thursday and Friday off last week 1. due to illness and 2. to get the keys to my house. At a time I should’ve been ecstatic I was drained, I tried to complete an essay while packing boxes, and snivelling everywhere. Me and my partner made various trips from his house to our new house with boxes and all sorts. By Saturday night at 8.30pm we were in bed fast asleep. Sunday came and emotions hit me, my partner had been moody the day before and now it was my turn. He found out he had to work away this week every night, my Mum is also currently away in Barbados, so I’ve been left to feed his 3 cats and look after my mums dog. The thought of this caused me anxiety, my new house is 35 miles away from my mums. The only way I could resolve this issue was to find a cat sitter, so after searching through various websites I got in touch with a lady who visited the house met the cats and ensured she knew where everything was. I paid her a small fee and she is feeding them for me twice so I can be at Mums. Although before my initial plan I burst into tears, I cried for ages at my new house in the kitchen. I cried because I couldn’t cope with so many changes in one week and added to that I am also moving base after discussions with my current placement and University.

So in one week I have moved house, been a pet sitter and will be moving placement. I think I became overwhelmed on Sunday. I have since managed to calm down, even completing more University work and walking the dog. My tiredness became noticed by my partner a few weeks again when he said ‘your sleeping all the time again is everything ok’…. I had reached exhaustion point again. But I have since acted on this quick and have started taking an iron supplement and have made more of a conscious effort to take my multivitamins. These have worked well and so far I’m napping less. which is a result!! And I’ve learnt that I can cope with situations, I just need to sit back make a plan and find resolutions.

Here are a few tips for constant tiredness:   1. Try to find the cause of your tiredness by writing down daily activities and sleep patterns for each night, 2. Try not to nap in the day and go to bed earlier of a night, 3. Set your alarm for similar times to build a decent sleep routine,  4. Have your iron levels checked, this iron supplement has seriously helped me!! And one last tip check any medication you take for mental health as these can make you more tired.


Lots of love

Kirsty xx