Time to talk- 1st February

Time to talk- 1st February

‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.

Today is a day in which many people support a campaign which aims to end the stigma attached to mental illness. Personally I believe the subject of mental illness is still not talked about often enough. And I know this firsthand because I have seen the looks when I explain my anxiety, and I have previously been called lazy, particularly when I was perhaps experiencing a very low day. Due to this I know who I can talk to about my mental illness and I know who will judge me, therefore I remain silent around them. If everyone opened up and just spoke about mental illness people would be more informed, as opposed to turning their nose up, leaving a person feeling isolated and lonely.

As my nan always says ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.. I genuinely believe this, and many times I have called her up with my problems. People can give you a different outlook or perspective, people can give kind words, and best of all people can talk.

Have a chat today, tonight or tomorrow.. Lets get everyone talking and end the stigma. 🤗

Here are the people I can turn to when I have a bad day.. I may not see these people for months, we may not talk every week.. but I know they will always support me 😘😊🤗


‘I like brunettes’… Christian Grey

‘I like brunettes’… Christian Grey

So through all the stress of Uni, I decided to have a change of hair colour. I have been wanting to be dark for a while, as dark hair is more shiny and the colour is less maintenance than blonde. I’m always up for experimenting with my hair but going back blonde is always hard work and involves stripping the dark off the dark colour. Hence why I made the decision and will keep it this way for a while.

Heres some of my favourite products, particularly for when I straighten my hair.

I’m currently using a cheap brunette shampoo just to stop the colour from fading. Garnier fructis is a conditioner for coloured hair which I use again to stop colour fading and stop it from becoming dry. Once or twice a week I use a conditioning mask, I highly rate this one by Lee Stafford called coco loco, although quite pricey it leaves hair soft and smells amazing. This can be purchased at many boots stores as well as a range of other coco loco products. I tend to leave this mask on for 5 minutes then I blast my hair with cold water after I have rinsed it out, which helps give hair a glossy shine.

Once my hair washed I spray on Lee Stafford heat protection which is good at protecting hair keeping it looking soft and nourished. GHD style creme is good when blow drying hair and again helps hair look nourished while keeping it straight all day.

Next I blow dry my hair on a low heat setting, then I use my platinum GHD straighteners to complete my desired straight look. Many people complain about GHD’s stating they arent as good as other less expensive brands. However I beg to differ as a naturally curly haired girl I swear GHD’s are the only hair tool which glides through my hair leaving my hair straight with no waves or kinks. My straighteners were purchased by my partner on the black friday sale, they were £179 reduced to £120. You will rarely find ghd’s in sales in hair salons.

Thanks for reading my hair product review and let me know what you think about my new hair 💁

‘Confidence level = selfie with no filter’..

‘Confidence level = selfie with no filter’..

Happy new year!! Firstly there will be No ‘new year new me’ from me.. I will still be the same miserable, worried and worked up little woman I was last year. Just perhaps with a few more goals in place. And no I don’t believe I will see a fast imcrease in my confidence, as I know things take work, but heres my first simple goals.

  1. I will complete my nursing degree
  2. Will choose an exercise class and stick to it.
  3. Drink less coffee!!

If i’m honest the 3rd goal is going relatively well. I blame coffee for my lack of sleep, and my random bouts of energy that occur after each mug. I started by setting myself an initial goal first, for example for the coffee goal I decided that for every cup I had, would be followed by two glasses of water!! This has proved successful as I have had no coffee now for three days.

My nursing degree goal will be discussed on a post coming up shortly! And my exercise goal, well we will just see. I intend to join a class not just for exercises but for social purposes too, meeting new people with similar interests can be daunting for me, but (along with my confidence) is something that can be worked upon. This gradual process of completing goals will hopefully enable my confidence to build slowly. Bearing this in mind make your goals achievable, and remember you won’t be cartwheeling with joy every day but at least smile 😊

2018 i’m ready for you 💁

‘When the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time’. 

‘When the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time’. 

Diary entry: 10th October

 Today is world mental health day, ironic when this has turned out to be terrible for me. For the past week I have been feeling anxious when attending placement at the Hospital, I have been feeling like i’m not part of the team, like i’m not supported and drained from the long shifts. I arrived on the car park this morning and burst into tears. I just couldn’t face it today.. but instead of going home to bed I have come into University to address the issues I have which will be resolved. I have decided that I need to be working in another environment, one which inspires my confidence in nursing. Hopefully I will get the decision I wish for and be able to move. If not i’m not entirely sure what my next step is going to be, as I have again reached breaking point even though I am aware that there are always answers.

So on this day of mental health awareness, I leave you with this one thought. ‘Don’t fake being ok, you only hurt yourself, be real with what you are going through and don’t let it consume you’. 😊 

‘You can sit around waiting for life to happen, or you can seize this very moment and make things happen’.

‘You can sit around waiting for life to happen, or you can seize this very moment and make things happen’.

Image result for katie piper start your day with katie

Another tip for a positive life!

I purchased this book a while ago, I love to read the quotes each day for a positive outlook. Katie Piper is an inspiration, and this book will help increase your happiness day by day #Littlethingsinlife










‘One small, positive blog post in the morning can change your day’. 

‘One small, positive blog post in the morning can change your day’. 

Today I have decided to blog as much as possible for two reasons.

  1. To set myself a challenge
  2. To spread awareness of anxiety.

I will blog all day, I intend to refresh and remind people what I blog about, spread awareness of anxiety, have a laugh and maybe throw a few beauty tips in too! I will post pictures and give ideas to help distract people from anxiety, panic and worry.

Now take a look at this old photo. Here I am young with not a care in the world listening to my music!! First tip of the day is to dig out old pictures! You could spend hours looking through pictures and smiling at the memories, this will distract you from anxiety and encourage you to embrace all the good times 😊

Another tip taken from the photo, listen to music 🎵 I have clearly loved listening to music from a young age. Music can help distract you from everything for a while. I occasionally put my headphones in while pottering around in the house. Music can help you reflect and gives you time out to think! Start by downloading an uplifting playlist heres a few tunes from mine.

  1. Amazed- Lonestar
  2.  My girl-Temptations
  3. Mirrors- Justin Timberlake 
  4. A sky full of stars- Coldplay

Now get your photos out pop your headphones in and have a wonderful day 🎧🎵😊