‘I am the same person I was before you found out that I suffer with anxiety.’ 

I have always struggled in social situations, I desired to be a social butterfly but instead kept myself isolated. This leading me to dread meeting new people or new love. Sometimes when you aren’t looking is when you find somebody who genuinely cares, that was the case for me. This year has seen me face dark times, in which I have done so, alone. But I knew you were different as soon as I met you, I liked you straight away. But as always my anxiety makes me think the worse, so I instantly knew that the more we spoke the sooner I would have to be honest about my mental health. The more I began to fall for you the more anxious I became about telling you that I have anxiety. When I first told you, you listened, you held me and then came the hard part, you witnessed my mood changes yourself. I can be completely loving and bubbly one day then the next I can appear distant and isolated. It was then I thought you would leave me and not manage this situation, and I thank you for not doing that. Instead you talked me round, or made me laugh or just gave me a big cuddle as I cried. I’m smiling now as I write this because you don’t how much of a big difference you have made to my confidence, you have made me see that people do understand how i’m feeling, therefore I should not shut everybody out. I am grateful to have you in my life, I hope you know that all the little things you do mean the most to me.. The cute messages, the nights you have wanted us to go out when I all I wanted to do was stay in and be with you, the talks about our future and when you hold my hand when we are out. All these help me to feel secure around you and allows me to open up to you.

Although this maybe ‘cringe’ reading this, its so hard in this world today to meet someone who loves and accepts you with all your flaws, who not only understands them but helps distract you  by reminding  you of the positives in your life, while taking on your concerns and worries as their own. You have guided me in making decisions when I was at a loose end and supported me when I made a decision then changed my mind.


I just want you to know how grateful I am for everything you do, and that I can be miserable and tearful or ecstatic and happy, but then I look at our pictures and smile and that helps me to stay grounded.




‘You can sit around waiting for life to happen, or you can seize this very moment and make things happen’.

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Another tip for a positive life!

I purchased this book a while ago, I love to read the quotes each day for a positive outlook. Katie Piper is an inspiration, and this book will help increase your happiness day by day #Littlethingsinlife










‘One small, positive blog post in the morning can change your day’. 

Today I have decided to blog as much as possible for two reasons.

  1. To set myself a challenge
  2. To spread awareness of anxiety.

I will blog all day, I intend to refresh and remind people what I blog about, spread awareness of anxiety, have a laugh and maybe throw a few beauty tips in too! I will post pictures and give ideas to help distract people from anxiety, panic and worry.

Now take a look at this old photo. Here I am young with not a care in the world listening to my music!! First tip of the day is to dig out old pictures! You could spend hours looking through pictures and smiling at the memories, this will distract you from anxiety and encourage you to embrace all the good times 😊

Another tip taken from the photo, listen to music 🎵 I have clearly loved listening to music from a young age. Music can help distract you from everything for a while. I occasionally put my headphones in while pottering around in the house. Music can help you reflect and gives you time out to think! Start by downloading an uplifting playlist heres a few tunes from mine.

  1. Amazed- Lonestar
  2.  My girl-Temptations
  3. Mirrors- Justin Timberlake 
  4. A sky full of stars- Coldplay

Now get your photos out pop your headphones in and have a wonderful day 🎧🎵😊

‘The fastest way to move forward, face your fears.’

In most pictures used on my blog I haven’t shown my face. Ive always lacked confidence, but I have decided to show the real me. My hair isn’t always great and my make up doesn’t reflect the look of a kardashian. But I am happy lately with who I am and how I look. My confidence is coming on slowly as i’m now surrounded by good people who lift me higher. 

My initial lack of confidence came from being bullied at school, for being skinny or not having the latest clothes. That wasn’t helped by ex’s who tapped away at my confidence even more by pointing out some of my flaws.

Now I believe that I am free again, I accept compliments and walk away smiling, before I would have walked away shyly without saying a word. I am happy now I have shown my face and ‘faced my fears’.. by doing so. 

Common scents..

So this is an unusual post for me.. But prior to my meltdown I joined scentsy. These beautiful electric warmers melt wax which give off wonderful scents around the home. Now I joined partly because I needed a distraction from University, and I have enjoyed having this little business. I have been able to use the products, take pictures of them and enjoy selling them. I have one warmer in the conservatory and one in the living room, my house smells lush which means one happy Kirsty. There are many scents to choose from and I choose ones which bring back memories, coconut reminds me of holidays, cherry reminds me of my old mini and flowery scents remind me of  spring time.

Please check out all my pictures and have a look on my website.. capture memories through scents 😊 you will not be disappointed!

So many to choose from 🌹🌼 🍒🍉🍋



‘Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud’.


20170730_183001[1181]#colours #mind

This next post is about one of my distraction methods. Although it seems strange last year I purchased a colouring book and would colour in most nights. This gradually stopped and then almost became forgotten about until last week. I found my colouring books while sorting through a cupboard, when I felt slightly relaxed later on in the evening I coloured for over an hour. This may appear a tedious method of distraction but during that hour all I focused on was the quotes in the book and the colours I was using. I have now tried to colour in everyday, some days I am busy and forget. And other days I still could sleep every hour. But this is one distraction that I have decided to use regularly. Although this may seem like a silly idea I would encourage you all to try it and embrace that inner child! Get those felts and pencils and be distracted for a while!!

One more thing, always try to make someone else smile no matter what you are going through. 

Be someone’s rainbow!!