When you have so much product in your hair that you consider carring a flammable sign…

When you have so much product in your hair that you consider carring a flammable sign…

An overview of the products I use in my hair….

My hair is naturally curly, for years I have straightened it, and tried various frizz taming hair products. Some have worked, others haven’t. Here are my favorite three..

I always recommend a sea salt spray, as these tame frizz while also defines the curls. I’m currently using Beach babe by Lee Stafford, this spray smells delightful and doesn’t weigh hair down, I recommend using this on towel dried hair and then teasing curls with your fingers. This product is good for an effortless look and creating defined curls.

Curlesque by catwalk tigi is ideal on dry hair as this will tame any frizz and

flyaways that can occur. I like this product as the bottle is small so can fit into your handbag perfectly.

Coconut water/oil by natural world

This product can be used on damp hair, its coconut scent lasts for ages. Again this product tames curls, leaving them defined and being an oil means it is weightless. After using this product hair looks shiny and hydrated. I use this oil on damp hair, although it can be used on dry hair for extra shine, other uses include putting it on before shampoo and even mixing it with your conditioner!

Hope you naturally curly girls find this useful!

And remember the quote from mean girls??

Me, stripped down

Me, stripped down

A very honest and open account of my looks and body!

I love a good picture of myself (very vain I know). When someone takes a pic of me I like to makesure it gets me at a good angle and sometimes not looking at the camera. In todays society women have a pressure to look a certain way with make up ‘on point’, the latest fashion and have time to keep that bod in check. One thing I am not is fake, my hair is naturally curly and frizzy, I used to exercise all the time, and cannot afford designer clothes. My confidence on the whole is low which looking at my pictures you wouldnt think so. I am not great at doing make up, I can do the basics but you will never catch me watching make up tutorials ever, I cannot think of anything worse and am not afraid to admit it! I love having my hair coloured and will leave it natural sometimes to maintain the condition. One tip for curly haired ladies, use sea salt spray, I swear by Charles Worthington style setter sea salt spray. It leaves your hair looking less frizzy and defines the curls. Most of the time I straighten my hair but always use a deep conditioning mask twice a week.

 I have to say I am grateful for my sisters one is good at make up and the other hair, so occasionally I do look glam thanks to them!

Still my confidence is generally low, even though my body isn’t that bad it could do with some toning up definately! I used to go to the gym four times a week then swim for half an hour after, but I have to be honest I hated it and was bored. When I moved in with my partner I didn’t join a gym as they were so expensive, instead I went running and enjoyed this as I keep fit while my mind is able to be free from srress and worry. I still run now and also walk my puppy archie at least once a day.

I am aware of my appearence and try to look after my skin. I get spots like everybody else and hate them! One thing I do splurge on is a good foundation, I use double wear by estee lauder for a long lasting finish.

So that has been an overview of my body, hair and looks. Overall my confidence is growing steadily and although I would change lots about my appearence, I am grateful for my natural hair and my lack of make up!!

One tip for you all put positive quotes on every mirror you own 😍