Glossybox review πŸ’…πŸ’„πŸ‘„




Each month I receive the above box with five beauty products inside! I used to subscribe a few years ago, then stopped for a while until recently. I decided that I could do with some pampering. When you receive the box you can log into your account and answer surveys in order to gain glossy dots, once you have a 1000 glossy dots you receive a box for free. Β To help ensure you get products which are suitable for you, you can select your skin colour, skin type and hair colour in order to get products which suit you. You can even select which scents you prefer. I will admit some products I have not used or given away but the majority of them have helped build up my make up collection. In some boxes you also get hair products which can be very handy if you want to try something new, previously I have received invisi bobbles which resemble part of a telephone cord, shampoo, hair serums, and small hair brushes (very handy for handbags). With each box you receive a leaflet which explains how the products can be used and where they can be purchased from, including cost.

Please see below for the lush items I had in my box this month!!




My favorite item in this months box was the candyfloss sports effect lip balm, this can be purchased from sports direct for Β£4.99.You can also order boxes for people as Christmas presents which is ideal for those ladies that are hard to buy for!!


I look forward to my box each month, if you love beauty please check out glossy box you won’t be disappointed.










Me, stripped down

A very honest and open account of my looks and body!

I love a good picture of myself (very vain I know). When someone takes a pic of me I like to makesure it gets me at a good angle and sometimes not looking at the camera. In todays society women have a pressure to look a certain way with make up ‘on point’, the latest fashion and have time to keep that bod in check. One thing I am not is fake, my hair is naturally curly and frizzy, I used to exercise all the time, and cannot afford designer clothes. My confidence on the whole is low which looking at my pictures you wouldnt think so. I am not great at doing make up, I can do the basics but you will never catch me watching make up tutorials ever, I cannot think of anything worse and am not afraid to admit it! I love having my hair coloured and will leave it natural sometimes to maintain the condition. One tip for curly haired ladies, use sea salt spray, I swear by Charles Worthington style setter sea salt spray. It leaves your hair looking less frizzy and defines the curls. Most of the time I straighten my hair but always use a deep conditioning mask twice a week.

 I have to say I am grateful for my sisters one is good at make up and the other hair, so occasionally I do look glam thanks to them!

Still my confidence is generally low, even though my body isn’t that bad it could do with some toning up definately! I used to go to the gym four times a week then swim for half an hour after, but I have to be honest I hated it and was bored. When I moved in with my partner I didn’t join a gym as they were so expensive, instead I went running and enjoyed this as I keep fit while my mind is able to be free from srress and worry. I still run now and also walk my puppy archie at least once a day.

I am aware of my appearence and try to look after my skin. I get spots like everybody else and hate them! One thing I do splurge on is a good foundation, I use double wear by estee lauder for a long lasting finish.

So that has been an overview of my body, hair and looks. Overall my confidence is growing steadily and although I would change lots about my appearence, I am grateful for my natural hair and my lack of make up!!

One tip for you all put positive quotes on every mirror you own 😍

Hey… Here goes.. Welcome to my blog!

10434224_10154379242175713_1714467121231214697_nSo this is my first ever blog post, this has took me a long time to organize. I intend to blog about mental health issues and how we can overcome them together. But mental health is such a taboo subject I believe its time to get people talking. I want to ensure conversations are started, that women can support each other and also have fun discussing all things girly and inspiring.

5 Things my blog is about:

  • Stress relieving ideas, fun, relaxing and calming
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Sharing experiences: funny, happy and friendly
  • My own personal experiences (Will include diary entries)
  • Pictures and memories

I aim to get people talking, and be that friendly person any one with a mental illness can confide in by relating to experiences and reflecting on thoughts.